Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Image can be costly

Sunday morning you will find him in church sitting in his favorite pew. As the offering plate is passed he reaches into his pocket and puts into the plate what in his hands. He turns to his neighbor and says, “This is the amount the Lord wants from me.” He loves his church and his favorite pew.

On his way to meet a friend he comes up on a young man, who says to him, “Can you help me? I am hungry." He stops, looks at him and says, "I am sorry. I have nothing for you, but may God bless you."

He turns the corner and enters the diner to meet his friend and his wife. He thinks nothing of the young man as his overfilled plate is placed before him. "Thank you, God, for this abundance and may you bless those less fortunate, amen." His lunch guests thank him for his prayer for the needy.

Back to the church for a building committee meeting in which he serves as the chairman. All those in attendance admire his ability to sift though the materials and set things in order to keep the project on budget and on time. Later that evening he sits on the leadership council, the same chair he has occupied for years, and listens to a young missionary couple seeking financial assistance to meet the needs of their inner city church. He thanks them for their passion and commits the leadership to pray. He says, "I am sorry but we have nothing for you. MayGod bless you. "

When the building project is complete he is honored before the members. He says to them all, "I love to be of service to the body, our body." The applause could be heard to the heavens and he soaks in the moment--hoping it would go on forever.

Every Sunday morning you will find him in his favorite pew in his favorite church, surround by his favorite people. The offering plate comes around again and he digs into his pocket and places the change in the plate and leads over to his pew mate and says, “This is the amount the Lord wants from me," and they both grin.

Later that evening his life was asked of him. He is so excited to meet the Lord face to face. When he entered His presence he could not contain his excitement about all he did in the service of the Lord. He went on and on about the building project he led, the leadership councils he was a part of, the money he put in the offering plate, and his attendance record at his church in his favorite pew. Jesus looked at him, with a sad expression on His face and said, “I am sorry, I have nothing for you”.

Gil Cendejas

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